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Simply put: We share our commission with you.

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How it works

We pay you a portion of the commission we receive.

How it happens

When you purchase a home, the seller of that home pays a commission to their listing and to the buyer’s agent (us).  We share a portion of that commission with you as a cash-back rebate.  We can assist you with your home search, property tours, making an offer, negotiating a deal, writing the contract, and closing sale.  You will not sacrifice any level of service to earn this cash-back buyer rebate.  We simply encourage our buyers to search online and, when possible, drive by homes before engaging us to schedule a showing.  This makes us work more efficiently and allows us to offer the buyer rebate.




Search for homes on your website of choice. Get notifications for new listings.



If possible, drive by homes of interest. Weed homes out based on the exterior or location.



Pick homes you’d like to see and contact us to schedule a personal showing.

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Are Rebates Legal?

Yes. Rebates are legal in the state of Pennsylvania so long as the Rebate is disclosed to all parties.  We do not currently offer buyer representation in MD or DE.  If you are an agent on one of those states and would like to join Simple Choice Realty, please contact us.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. In PA we require that our buyer sign a Non-Exclusive Buyer Agency Contract. This protects the buyer, knowing we represent their interests only.  It also protects us, so we can be paid a commission if our buyer client purchases a home we have shown them. But it does not lock the buyer into a contract with us for any duration of time.  The buyer is free to end their relationship with us at any time.  We want buyers to work with us because they want to work with us, not because a contract says they must work with us.  The buyer must also sign our Rebate Addendum and a Consumer Notice.

What should I do to get the most out of the Rebate Program?

We encourage our buyers to search homes online.  Buyers can search for homes on, Zillow, Trulia, or the website of your choice. We can also set the buyer up on an automated search directly through the MLS.  This will email the buyer automated notifications for new listings that meet their search criteria. We also encourage buyers to drive by homes of interest.  Many homes can be weeded out based just on the exterior or location.  Once the buyer has identified the homes they really like, we will schedule a private tour to view the homes.  The fewer homes we physically view, the larger the buyer rebate.  Please note, this is not intended to encourage a buyer to buy the first home they see.  This program is meant to REWARD buyers who do a little of the up-front legwork, making us work more efficiently.

Am I required to use a specific Mortgage Company?

No. Unlike other real estate companies offering Buyer Rebates, we do not require that the buyer use a specific mortgage company.  However, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to confirm that their mortgage company will allow the Rebate.  Please note, we require that the rebate be posted on the Closing Disclosure at settlement.  If the buyer selects a mortgage company that will not allow this, we will be unable to offer the rebate.  We have a few lenders we can recommend that we know will allow the buyer rebate, but buyers are free to choose any mortgage lender.

Am I required to use a specific Title Company?

No. Although we prefer to use our affiliated title insurance company, the Buyer is free to choose any title company.

Fine print (but we don’t make it fine)

We are required by law to disclose our Rebate to all parties.  To be sure this is done, it is our policy that the rebate be disclosed on the Closing Disclosure (closing sheet formerly known as the HUD1).  In most cases, the rebate must be applied to the Buyer’s closing costs. In some cases, we can pay the Rebate to the Buyer outside of closing, but the Rebate still must be disclosed on the Closing Disclosure as a P.O.C. (paid outside of closing).  Lastly – the Rebate MUST be approved by the Buyer’s mortgage lender. If the Buyer chooses a lender that will not allow our Rebate to be disclosed on the Closing Disclosure, we are not able to provide that Buyer a Rebate.

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