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  • Chris Carr listed our FSBO home, reviewed the contract and closing documents, and answered numerous questions. He is the most efficient person in business I have come in contact with. His responsiveness is in minutes of your request. He is an expert in his field and we could not have sold our house without him. I would not hesitate to use his services and have recommended him to many. Thank you Chris!!

    Lynne Hook

  • This is an outstanding service. I just saved $20,000 in realtor commission. The internet is clearly the most important game in town when it comes to real estate, and with simple choice realty your house is visible on etc. Also, Chris is very responsive to requested changes in your listing. Great work!

    Jonathan from Pittsburgh

  • Chris has created an easy to use system that saves you thousands. Not to mention the first class customer service. I have used this flat fee program several times all with great success. Thanks again.

    Mike from Macungie

...and there are many more!

Chris is fantastic to work with. I used his flat fee service and he answered all of my questions by email very quickly. I had such a good experience listing with him the first time that I listed a second building with him and sold that one quickly as well. I would highly recommend him and his easy to use website.

Lynn from Gettysburg

My family and I will list all future properties with Chris. Top notch professional service with substantially reduced price. Great experience from beginning to end.

Rich Simononis

I sold my house in WLE, Lake Ariel , PA in less than 1 week! I consider Chris of Simple Choice Realty, to be by far the most professional and reliable broker in the area.
Thank to his services ( flat fee MLS ) I saved myself $14,500 commission ! Thanks again for your help…I couldn’t be more pleased …

Ingrid P.

Chris Carr listed our FSBO home, reviewed the contract and closing documents, and answered numerous questions. He is the most efficient person in business I have come in contact with. His responsiveness is in minutes of your request. He is an expert in his field and we could not have sold our house without him. I would not hesitate to use his services and have recommended him to many. Thank you Chris!!

Lynne Hook

I had a very good experience with Simple Choice Realty. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. Chris is EXCELLENT! He was always accessible and help me beyond the scope of his responsibility. . No complaints.

Rosmery R.

Chris and simple choice were my best choice. Easy to use sellers platform, inexpensive, responsive To any questions or concerns. Saved me Over $8,000 In agent fees. I would highly recommend if your looking to put money in your pocket!!

Randy Lightner

Simple Choice is a great way to sell your property. They were very responsive to any questions we had as sellers. We saved the sellers commission and are confident we did as well as we would have with a full-service broker. If you don’t mind a little extra work to save a lot of money Simple Choice is the way to go when selling your property.


Simple Choice realty is 100% the best way to sell a home. It saved me paying a seller’s agent 2.5% commission ($7,750) and gave me autonomy over the process. I own multiple rental properties and plan to use Simple Choice again for future sales.


I am really glad I used Simple Choice Realty.
It was easy, I had more control over the process and was always well informed.
And best yet, I saved over $11,000.
I highly recommend flat fee listing with Simple Choice Realty.

Chris Bonner

We found that Simple Choice Realty has a complete, digital Real Estate sales machine available…and it works! The level of automation that is available allowed for us to market the property on all the major websites, find the best home-buyers and complete the transaction without any “surprises”. Thanks Chris! Great system!


Under Contract in a matter of days. Sellers do not need an agent. Save yourself the fees. The days of paying for two agents are over!

Simple choice did a great job of referring all questions to me, including from the buyers agent, title company.


I will be recommending Simple Choice Realty to anyone considering buying or selling real estate in the region. Chris Carr and Robin were great in areas of listing,selling and explaining documents that I needed in order to make my selling experience run smoothly. I had numerous inquiries after my listing was activated. Simple Choice Realty is the best and most economical way to sell real estate. You will be glad you listed your property with them.

John Totaro

I sold my house with Simple Choice I highly recommend Chris and his team. They were so easy to work with and took care of everything I needed. They were very prompt with answering any questions I had. I listed my property for the flat fee and a 2.5% commission for the buyer agent. There was no problem with buyer’s agents contacting me, setting up showings, or any problem only offering 2.5%. We got an offer quickly and I felt that the entire process was seamless Thanks Chris and team!!!!!

Karen G

I had a great experience with Chris and staff at Simple Choice Realty. They were helpful and responsive to questions. I had sold two houses in Maryland with Flat Fee and was hopeful I would have a good experience in PA, too. Chris did not disappoint. I highly recommend!!! It’s not hard to list and sell on your own with the assistance of Simple Choice Realty.

Christina Dougherty

Chris Carr was very helpful. He answered all my questions very promptly and far exceeded the level of advice and support that I expected for the flat fee. Thanks, Chris!

P. Grant

I highly recommend Simple Choice Realty. Such a great idea to help people save lots of money. Their website is slick!!!! Thank you Chris and Company for everything!

Susan Comis

This is the second time I’ve used Simple Choice. As usual, my questions and issues were dealt with quickly and professionally.


Simple Choice Realty afforded me the opportunity to sell my home by myself and save a sellers commission, despite a buyer’s agent telling me that I couldn’t and shouldn’t do it without a sellers agent. If you are selling a home and don’t mind fielding the calls, visits and doing the leg-work, Flat Fee MLS is for you. SCR made the process simple and affordable and helped in a timely manner when needed. Thanks again Chris!

Michele L.

All we really needed was to get the word out that our home was for sale. We did our own research, priced at the market, and had an accepted offer on 16 days (including a holiday week).

We saved over $8,000 on the listing commission.

Brad Stoller

I am a FL Realtor and listed my daughters house in PA with this company as an MLS only listing. They were great! Easy to reach by phone and email too. Saved my daughter lots of money! Thank you SimpleChoiceRealty.

Norma OConnor

Our experience exceeded expectations. Chris and Robin provided essential insight throughout the listing process. We highly recommended them.

Ed Witkowski

Simple Choice was incredibly easy to use, update, and list our property! Chris was very helpful in answering any questions we had. We were able to list and sell our house in 10 days! Totally worth using Simple Choice.

Ben N

I can’t imagine selling a house any other way! The platform makes this process very easy to navigate and having a person to talk to when you have a question is invaluable. Thanks!


We have now used Simple Choice 2X in the past 3 years. HOW REFRESHING!!! I cannot speak highly enough of this company and service. Quite the bargain!

Ron B

Simple Choice is a pleasure to work with. As an investor, Simple Choice is cost effective and very responsive. I’ve used them a number of times and will continue to do so. That is the highest recommendation I can give.

Jeff Bryan

I cannot say enough about our positive experience with Simple Choice. The process was seamless from start to finish. Chris was a pleasure to deal with, and this was our easiest real estate transaction yet! I would not hesitate to recommend Simple Choice.

Janet Pressel

Simple Choice was definitely the way to go to sell my house. The process was very easy to list the house and make changes along the way. Saved a lot of money.

Penny Miller

Simple Choice Realty and Chris were very helpful. He responded to my questions quickly and patiently. I hope to use this service again.

Jeff Gold

i Initially registered my townhome on Zillow For Sale By Owner. I had an Open House but found that I did not reach many people and I did not have access to professional disclosure forms ,etc. Chris contacted me and I realized all the benefits that I could have access to with SimpleChoice Realty for a simple fee including MLS Listings, ability to advertise to realtors for a 2.5% fee (only if resulting sale includes a realtor), disclosure forms, sales signs and professional lockbox. My Open Houses were packed and my house sold (was under contract) in 2 weeks! I enjoyed meeting my potential buyers and my closing went smoothly. I would highly recommend Simple Choice Realty to anyone who is able to work as their own realtor. Customer service was great and I was able to go directly to the local office near Plymouth Meeting.


I have used the services of Simple Choice Realty twice and has found results.

We just closed another deal.
Creative and good; this service did save me time and money.
After couple of mouse clicks I had my listing on the MLS.

I would be happy to use their services again.
Wish them the best.

Ninan T

I tried zillow for 10 days, had 300+ people look at the ad but 0 calls or viewings except from people who wanted to sell me something.
I decided to list on MLS and went with simple choice. My home sold in 33 hrs from the time chris carr listed it for me.
THANK YOU–I will use this service again

Vincent Pupich

This is a wonderful way to sell your home for way less! The customer service is exceptional and I would recommend Simple Choice to anyone. Thank you Chris! I will definitely be back again.

Tammy from Lebanon

When it came time to sell our home, saving every dollar we could for our next purchase was critical. We did some research on selling our home ourselves with the help of a FSBO agency and finally settled on Simple Choice. We didn’t regret the decision.

The people at Simple Choice were there for us from the get-go, ready to answer any and all questions and concerns, allaying any misgivings, walking us through the process in a way that was transparent and gave us confidence, and responded to us promptly and in a friendly way. Our listing got on all the MLS services needed, as well as real estate web sites, giving us exposure every bit as good as any traditional method with a local agent.

We kissed some frogs with potential buyers, but ultimately our prince came along. The final transaction could not have been smoother. We got full asking price and felt like we had made the RIGHT choice when we went with SIMPLE choice.

We recommend anyone give Simple Choice a try. Selling your home yourself can work. Do your homework though so you are an informed seller.

Elizabeth and Joe McDonald

Simple Choice made the process of selling our home FSBO painless. Their customer service support is fantastic, the ease of using the site is flawless and their email communication is on par. I would recommend Simple Choice to all of my friends and family who are interested in selling their home themselves.

Dave Pursh

Simple choice Realty was great to work with in a flat fee capacity. They were very responsive to my needs and the program saved me $12k in seller agent commission fees. I was highly pleased and I would recommend their services.

Deena Fisher

I listed my 10 acre horse farm in Saxonburg, PA with Simple Choice in 2014. I had a buyer in 4 days. No problems at all with the sale and saved $10,000 doing it myself with Simple Choice

Maureen Daviess

We sold our house in Mechanicsburg, PA in 2014 using Simple Choice, and we are very satisfied with how it worked out. I accepted a job in another town at the time and had to relocate. While I was between jobs, I had some extra time to devote to selling our house. There’s definitely a lot of work that goes into selling a house, and I was up for the task. What I couldn’t do alone is getting the house listed to have the exposure we needed to connect with out-of-town buyers. SC was a perfect fit. They were responsive anytime we needed them to take care of something. There was a great deal of time I had put into selling the house, and some of the agents we encountered weren’t all that kind to us. In the end, we sold the house and saved a lot a money. We have no regrets in our decision doing it this way.


I listed (and sold) my investment home through Simple Choice Realty. This was a little while ago but I wanted to share the benefits of using a flat fee agency. The house I was selling was a flip. I was over budget and and concerned about my profit margins or lack of. I looked into different types of options to get onto the MLS. Simple Choice Realty offered a reasonable package and the solution I was looking for. I was concerned about going the flat fee route as I was not sure how local agents would respond. My concerns quickly became a non issue. I had a beautiful house on the market. The local agents didn’t hesitate to show the house as I had it on lock box and made it easy for the agents to show. Chris Carr was my point of contact. He always got back to me quickly if I had any questions. The packages that they offer are easy to understand and beneficial because it gets your property on the MLS.
I would recommend Chris Carr and Simple Choice Realty.

Baja Kerr

I was having a difficult time selling my home with a realtor and unfortunately it was during a time when homes weren’t moving very quickly. So I decided to sell on my own. I found this website, through a friends recommendation. I quickly signed up and was amazed at how easy the process was and very inexpensive. A buyer soon found me on the website and it was a done deal. Due to that current decline in home sales, I had to accept a much lower selling price than I had hoped. But I was so glad I didn’t also have the realtor commission on top of that. I would use Chris and his service again for sure. There is no hidden catch here…it is just what you see, a service to help you sell your home on your own.

Deb from Mt Gretna

Simply put, you will save a boat load of money selecting Simple Choice Realty. Chris provided us with top notch recommendations through the entire process. He was just a phone call away to answer any questions I had. Believe me a couldn’t of done it by myself. My husband started his new job early and I was left with the entire process down to every detail. Chris kept me in check and put my mind at ease.

Kathy Rymer

I did a good bit of research on flat listing and decided to use Simple Choice Realty. I had my house under contract within days of getting on the MLS. The process was extremely easy using their web interface. The staff and Christopher was responsive and forwarded me information promptly when the closing company accidentally sent them the documentation instead of my attorney. I would recommend using their service for anyone selling a home!


We gained and saved $25,225 total. MORE! We saved a lot of time preparing the home for showings; hustle leaving the home with grandkids, cats and dogs; we saved hours, days, nights of stress! it is was the best decision ever! MORE We listed our home for $39,900 over the highest price a bunch of local realtors told us to list it for, so it would sell within 90 days. The day the listing appeared we got eight calls requesting immediate showings. By the end of the day we got info that four offers are coming. We informed the buyers – offer price stands regardless of what the inspection findings are going to be (we are not going down a penny). We sold the home for $17,300 more than the highest price local realtors told us to list it for. We took pictures with our cell phone. We love the support we got from the Simple Choice Realty! Support by phone, by text, by emails in no time. I learned so much.


We had our house for sale by owner and for some reason everyone is scared of that. You still have to go through all of the same legalities but they do not understand that. We paid Chris $300 to put it on the internet under his company and things took off. We had to pay the buyers realtor 3% which could have been avoided if the buyers would have came without him. It is really the way to go if you are having trouble selling it “by owner” because Chris will answer any questions you may have and put your ad out there right away. Sold in no time at all. Definitely would use it again.

Brian, Glen Rock

I have used Simple Choice Realty twice, once to sell my house 15 years ago and once about 3 years ago to help sell my neighbors home. Both times I sold the house myself. It gets you listed on the multi list, where people search for homes and you save the 3% commission. I think the official sign in the yard gives more credibility than the plain for sale by owner sign. Both times, Chris was very helpful with advice and paperwork, My son has since become a realtor, but I told him I would still sell my home myself, and he unterstands hesitantly. He also use it before he became a realtor to sel his home. The buyer used a realtor, but he still saved the 3% listing commission. Very satisfied!

Joe B

This service is exemplary and I will explain. I have worked in real estate when I was younger and actually had a broker’s license for many years. The key to selling your home is getting it into your local multiple listing service and pricing it right. We had several Realtors come in to give us a ballpark of what our house should sell for. Then my wife researched and found Simple Choice. We chose their service that cost about $500. It included a lockbox, professional sign, and they put it in the multiple listing service in our area. They also offered us other services which were included in that price, but I don’t remember exactly what they were. Real estate agents then saw our house in the multiple listing and were eager to show it because we priced it right. We save proximate 3% ($9,000+) on a $325,000 home because we only needed to pay the Selling realtor. Nothing more to Simple Choice. I was skeptical at first, but it is at simple as that!

Glen Gunther

Simple Choice Realty made my FSOB home-selling experience easy. They promptly listed it on the MLS and were responsive to my change requests. Look no further! Thanks!

Paul A

Simple Choice Realty made the selling process super easy. The portal runs through everything the seller needs from setting up the listing to completing the sale. And everything is built for easy digital integration. I would recommend this service and rate it a 10 out of 10.


My husband and I couldn’t be happier with Simple Choice realty. We were a little anxious about selling our home in this manner but Chris Carr’s support, guidance and responsiveness made it a relatively easy experience. We sold our house in 1 & 1/2 days for full asking price and saved on the 3% listing agent’s fee.
Thank you Chris Carr and Robin of Simple Choice Realty.

Terri Keane

Chris and his team are a key component of my business. They are very quick to respond and go above and beyond. I highly recommend them!

Ken Shemeley

We were very pleased with the service we received from Chris & team at Simple Choice Realty. Any time we had a question, he was prompt & courteous in his response. The process was simple & much more cost effective than using a tradition 3% Seller’s agent. I highly recommend.


Recently sold my house of 34 years through Simple Choice. I had used them for a house I flipped 3 years ago and based on that good experience, used them again. Chris and his team are very knowledgeable and responsive. The ala carte menu of only paying for what you need them to do is great. Not sure about all market cycles, but if you are in a seller”s market and do your pricing research, why pay a selling agent to basically just list your property? This second sale went quickly and smoothly. Definitely recommend Simple Choice!


There were many decisions to make when it came to listing & selling our home but using Simple Choice was the best decision by far! Chris was so easy to deal with and promptly responded to any and all questions. Our home sold within ONE WEEK and we had a quick & easy closing. More importantly, we saved over $7,000 in listing agent commission. We will definitely recommend Simple Choice!


Thank you much for always be prompt when I needed assistance. Would not hesitate to use your services again or to recommend your firm.

Dolores Smith

Simple Choice is a great resource for Real Estate Investors to market their completed homes. I’ve found Chris’s service excellent from listing to sold! The MLS exposure creates results! Really worth a try…

Steve from Cornerstone Property Solutions

As expected – no fuss no muss – got exactly what we signed up for and negated sellers commission entirely – THANK YOU, CHRIS!

R Beebe

It was a pleasure working with Simplechoice Realty and the key staff. They were always helpful and their fees were reasonable. I wanted to deal with someone from PA and found SimpleChoice. I will use their services again if the need arises. Thanks Chris! Bob G, Lansdale, PA

Bob G.

Excellent option, Simple Choice, is for selling a property rather than contract with a realtor that may or may not put your listing on the must see list. Saving the extra dollars also helps!

Dan from Pocono Mountains

I just wanted to say that listing my home was so easy. The entire system runs so smoothly and listing my home was easier than I ever could have imagined. Thanks again.

Brian Andrewlavage

Listing our house with Simple Choice Realty made such a huge difference in views and traffic. We knew it would sell easily, we just needed to get it out there. The listing process was easy and timely. We would highly recommend this service to anyone who is selling their home without a selling agent.

Liz Ryan

Thank you for all of your help during the process. You were always available to answer all of my questions.

Simple Choice is the best and most economical way to go for the seller.

Sandra K. Malloy
Upper Chichester PA

Sandra Malloy

Best experience selling a house ever! We have sold many homes. It was a nightmare each time! The war between us and buyer fed by relators was impossible to handle. We did not even want to see the buyers at closing, we did all the papers a day before closing. Our neighbors were selling a house using SimpleChoiceRealty. I decided to knock and ask them about it. I was not expecting them to open the door (as they were packing and such). They did, invited us in and could stop not raving about SimpleChoiceRealty. We got home, called, and listed with Chris. It was easy, simple, fast, effective. We got eight showings in two days, a few offers and house was under contract. Chris was amazing. I did not ask but he was following up, reviewing documents, supporting, advising, making super wise suggestions, pointing important issues – in a few days we were done and waiting for closing. He followed, was with us every step of our way and we closed successfully as scheduled! We got to talk to the buyer, disused everything in a short 5-6 minutes long conversation, it was zero stress, zero surprises, I could not believe selling a house can be so, so, so SIMPLE! We are grateful, amazed and wish you the same – work with Chris, you will sleep – someone works for you and has your back!

Barbara K.

I was very happy with the support I received from Simple Choice Realty. From the first telephone contact which was a simple inquirey about the process, through listing the property, and the final offer stage, Chris was always there to answer any questions and to offer his expertise on any particular subject. Most importantly, Simple Choice did what they said they would/could do! I would highly recommend Simple Choice and I would use them again without any hesitation.

Stephanie Poillon

Excellent service, every step of the way!
Quick responses always ready to help.
Highly recommend Simple Choice

David S

This is my 2nd time of working with Simple Choice. Each time they have been EXCELLENT. You pay a few bucks to get access to MLS, and they give you 10-times back in service, advise, forms, … and something ALL Sellers need, … SUPPORT!
An excellent company I highly recommend.

Antonio Lopez

My experience with Simple Choice Realty was entirely positive. I was able to advertise and sell my home using Simple Choice and saved a lot of money in the process.

Erminio Telles

We sold our property and saved thousand’s!
We are investor’s and it is so important that we have a flat fee MLS option to help save money! We have done hundreds of flips and enjoy the automated experience that Simple Choice offers.

Our bottom line increases tremendously and that is so important to a small business like ours.

Global Coach

Can’t say enough good things about Chris Carr. He responded to us at lightning speed and was pleasant any time we had a question. Beyond that, Simple Choice’s website for sellers is very user friendly. It allowed me full control of our photos, description, and to input/change info as needed once we were under contract. Our home went under contract in less than one month, and we saved about $11k in agent fees by using this flat fee service. Thank you, Chris, for being awesome to work with.

Jess D

What a terrific service! We just sold a house using the flat fee MLS listing plus 1% Seller Assist feature and saved $8,000 in commissions. The service provided by Chris and his team is fantastic! From creating the listing to the closing, Simple Choice helped us each step of the way. Everyone we dealt with was professional and extremely knowledgeable. Chris really helped us in evaluating multiple offers and he negotiated the most advantageous deal possible. I would not hesitate to use Simple Choice again!

Karan Spanard, Crafton PA

This my first time using Simple Choice and I had a very positive experience. Mr. Carr and his associates were very professional and quick to respond to my questions. I also saved thousands of dollars with the saIe of the condo. I will definitely use and recommend them. I greatly appreciated​ all of their help and time. Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor

Chris and his team were super responsive and helpful. He took the time to answer all my questions by phone so I knew I was making the right decision. They really exceeded my Expectations! The site was so easy to use, and the listing was a success! The house sold in two days!

Lindsay Heyl

I was nervous about selling by owner for the first time, but Chris at Simple Choice Realty took the time to make sure we had everything outlined and answered all of my questions. My house was under agreement in 3 days!

Ashlin from Lancaster, PA

I just want to say that my experience with Simple choice realty was amazing. It is so easy and I would encourage everyone to give it a try. This could save you a ton of money. We saved around $15,000. Chris Carr was a delight to work with and was extremely helpful. He responded to each phone call or email very promptly. Thanks so much for all your help. I will recommend you to others in the future. Heather

Heather G from Pittsburgh

I was very hesitant to try to sell my home privately as the market is only beginning to turnaround but Chris Carr and Simple Realty made it amazingly easy! Chris walked me through every step in the process and I sold my home in 6 days! I settled recently and could not be happier. I would highly recommend giving Simple Realty and Chris a try. It’s simple!

LABB from Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

Thank you so much Chris!! I was able to sale my house in less than a month! I definitely recommend Simple Choice Reality. This was my first time experience in selling a house and Chris made it as easy as possible. He was always there to walk me through the process. Chris was very helpful and he responded to my questions and emails in a timely manner. Thank you again Chris and wish you and Simple Choice Realty all the best and success.

Joe H. from Plymouth Meeting

We recently sold, and closed, on our house using Simple Choice Realty to list it. Must say it was the easiest $5000 saved ever. Chris is more than helpful and always responded quickly to our questions and or updates. I highly recommend Simple Choice Realty to anyone who is thinking about selling there home. The internet is where everyone is shopping these days, and the rest is simple stuff. Do it yourself and save!

Dale S from Shillington

This, by far, was the easiest home sale we have ever been through. I was hesitant at first about how the program worked, but it was easy enough for anyone to figure out. We sold our house with no sales or listing commissions and saved thousands!! Chris was very easy to deal with and answered every email promptly. Would never conventionally list a home again… thanks so much

chris pieri from ellwood city

I sold my home in 2 months and the program worked wonderfully. The system is flawless and Mr Carr answers questions very quickly. I would definitely use simple choice realty again.

George Hatzakos from Easton

We decided to try to sell our home without a broker/agent. With the assistance of Simple Choice Realty via, we listed our property in late February, accepted an offer in late April and closed in late June. All in all, it was a no-brainer. We would use these folks again. Great people to work with and always there when you need them.Susan

Susan Hirst from Sewickley

Listing with Simple Choice was easy. Chris was extremely helpful whenever questions surfaced and prompt with replies. Listing your property on the MLS and showing it yourself is the wave of the future. RE agents were eager to deal with us.

Lou Wentz from Boyertown, PA

We’ve used Simple Choice twice in the past 5 years and in both cases Chis and the team were very easy to work with, and in the second case showed the utmost in patience while waiting for us to pull the trigger on our MLS listing. He was always willing to offer helpful advice whenever a question came up about how to update our listing or using the Simple Choice Realty web site.

Don from Downingtown

This was an awesome way for me to save $10K. I am very creative, proactive, and diligent so I was able to do the FSBO very successfully with the assistance of the flat fee MLS service. Chris was easy to work with and got back to me very quickly. I would recommend it if you have the time and energy to hold up your end of the bargain!! We’ll use it next time, too!

Jolie Carnahan-Girondi from Pittsburgh

I would recommend this service anyone. We sold our home quickly and with no problems. The responses from the listing were numerous. In the internet age this is the way to go and keep your hard earned equity in your pocket.

Brian from Saegertown

Simple Choice Realty was such a pleasure to deal with during our home sale process.They were spot on fast and made everything easy going ind step at a time. The entire process was painless and efficient.Highly recommended-

Pamela Brice from Hershey, Pennsylvania

In this day and age, you really can do it yourself! I’ve sold a home with a Realtor before, but this time I was willing to go it alone. Best decision I could have made! We saved about $16,000 by selling with the fixed-fee MLS listing, and I didn’t really do any more work than I would have with an agent.Chris was extremely helpful and went above and beyond my expectations. I hope I’m in my new home again for a long time, but I would definitely use this service again!

Jesse from Wayne, PA

I’ve used simple choice for two home sales in the past year. I’ve had a great experience from start to finish. The website is very user friendly and Chris responds to emails/questions VERY timely! I look forward to using this company in the near future. Thank you!

Shaun from Lancaster, PA

I had a great experience with Chris and his MLS flat fee service. He did not try to sell me anything, but rather offered a friendly approach to doing business. He made it known to me that he was available to help and offered a range of services, but ultimately it seemed he cared more about my experience than trying to make more money. Thank you so much!

Kostas from Plymouth Meeting

I repeatedly use Chris and the Simple Choice team year after year. I wouldn’t sale a house any other way, and I sale lots of houses due to my rehab flipping business.

John from Latrobe, PA

This is an outstanding service. I just saved $20,000 in realtor commission. The internet is clearly the most important game in town when it comes to real estate, and with simple choice realty your house is visible on etc. Also, Chris is very responsive to requested changes in your listing. Great work!

Jonathan from Pittsburgh

Simple Choice realty was great to deal with. They were very responsive and were very quick to address any updates or changes. We saved thousands vs. paying a 6% commission. I would definitely use them again in the future. Thank you!

Eric Moyer from Leesport

Chris has created an easy to use system that saves you thousands. Not to mention the first class customer service. I have used this flat fee program several times all with great success. Thanks again.

Mike from Macungie

This was a great way to sell my hone without paying a commission to a realtor. I learned how to sell a house, do an agreement of sale, seller discloser, and uploading pictures. Closing was a real education. I am now thinking of being a realtor.

jeff from phila

Chris at Simple Choice was absolutely fantastic! I was somewhat reticent about doing a FSBO but Chris responded to all of my requests promptly and my house was under contract within a week!

Elizabeth from Kolsky

This is a GREAT program! Chris provided amazing support every step of the way–from helping us understand the program to knowing what to expect at closing. We originally listed with a real estate agent who really didn’t do anything but would have collected thousands of dollars if a buyer had come along. Simple Choice did everything the realtor did but saved us thousands. Can’t say enough about Simple Choice! Can’t say enough about Chris!

Margaret & Joe Z from Audubon, PA

Simple Choice is such a great way to sell your home! Chris is very helpful and responsive to any questions you might have. It’s so great to be able to list your home, and save money too! I would recommend Simple Choice to family and friends, and I will definitely use them again!

Debra from Chalfont

Simple Choice Realty and Chris was great to work with. It was a easy process to list and sell our home without the use of a sellers agent. He answered all questions quickly and was willing to make any needed changes. I would use their services again and would recommend to friends and family.

Jason M from Ephrata, Pa

Amazingly easy way to sell a home. Anyone can do this! It’s as easy as selling something on craigslist or eBay. Chris was a pleasure to work with. We sold our home in less than 5 days and paid the lowest amount in commission possible (2%)which saved us thousands of dollars. This is a no brainer. If you want to get the most out of your home, use this… it’s easy, ‘simple’, and the best way to sell your home by owner!!!!!!!

Aaron from Pittsburgh

Simple Choice Realty was a great choice for selling our home. We were able to accomplish all of our goals and time frames. Chris and his staff are very easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend using their services!!

Andy from York Pa

Easy site to use.. listed on MLS in 1 day.. sold my house in 1.5 months.. saved 3% realtor commission by listing it by owner.. only had to pay 3% buyer’s agent commission.. all in all, great experience..

nguyen from philly

This is a great way to sell a home! Chris and Simple Choice Realty was great and always helpful! Thanks so much for all your help!

Jason from Shrewsbury

Simple Choice Realty helped us sell our home only a few days after putting it on the MLS. Chris was always available when we had questions and helped us through the process. Thanks, Chris.

Cathy from Mechanicsburg

Great option for selling your home without paying full price real estate fees. Simple choice handled all of our needs and answered questions promptly.

Ray S. from Hummelstown

I had a great experience working with Simple Choice Realty and they made it very easy for me to sell my home and get it listed. Everything went very smooth.

Emanuele from Coatesville

Simple Choice Realty is a wonderful option for those who wish to sell their house on their own. Chris was very accessible and knowledgable. His response to my many questions put me at ease time after time. The marketing provided by the MLS service brought a substantial number of potential buyers and multiple offers. I would give Chris my very highest recommendation and would use Simple Choice Realty in the future.

Beth from Upper St. Clair

I just want to thank you for your excellent customer service. We are not very computer savvy, and you were an excellent help in getting our listing ready and loading up the photo’s. The website was easy to use and we especially appreciated your very prompt reply to our questions. Thank you for making it a great experience. We would absolutely use your services again in a heartbeat.

Heather from Sayre, PA

If you want to sell your house yourself, you need to use this system. Using Simple Choice’s flat fee listing was so easy. We were able to get our property visible on the MLS, and Chris was very helpful, always accessible when we had a question. If you want to save yourself money in commissions, using the Flat Fee system is the way to go. We were able to sell our house, and our buyers did not have an agent, either, so we saved that commission as well. Thanks, Chris!

Kara Czerniak from McKeesport, PA

I highly recommend using Simple Choice Realty. I paid extra for the realtor lock box and more photos on MLS and was best money spent. The web site was super easy to post photos and write info on. Easily able to update and change listing. Plus they provided the homeowners disclosure forms. Chris would send me a lock box read of who accessed my listing via email when ever I requested it and it included the agents contact info and I would email them for feed back. Why pay 3% to have someone put a sign in your yard. I will use their services again.

Paul from Beaver

This system worked pretty well. Quick response from Chris on questions. The key aspect is to get access to the MLS listings. We found a cash buyer on the first weekend through an open house and settled a month later. We did settle for a lower than asking price but without a broker to pay this was a good compromise. We avoided both selling and buying brokers and saved 6%. I would use this process again.

Gordon from Landenberg

I was skeptical at first, about the flat fee vs going thru a realtor . I spoke with Chris Carr and he explained the entire process to me. Chris answered all my questions very professionally and promptly. I listed my home and within 2 weeks had multiple offers. I spoke with Chris on how to handle a contingent offer with a TKO-(timed Kick out clause) . He was very knowledgeable and explained the process. The house sold and closed within 8 weeks of listing. The money I saved by not paying a 3% listing fee and setting the buyers fee at 2.5% allowed me to lower the price of my home and complete the sale quickly. I’m extremely impressed with Chris, and highly recommend the process to others. Thanks Chris for all your help! 🙂

nancy preston from wyalusing, pa

In addition to the excellent service by Simple Choice Realty, we were aided by a very helpful Buyer Realtor, Bruce Glantz from Remax Centre and title company rep. Debbie Giles, from Essex Abstract.

Louise Walker from Downingtown, PA

Chris Carr of Simple Choice Realty provided us with all we needed to sell our townhouse — MLS listing and answers to questions along the way. He would always respond immediately. We offered a commission to buyer’s realtor, so we saved half of the normal fee for selling.

Louise Walker from Downingtown, PA

Chris Carr of Simple Choice Realty was an absolute pleasure to work with… he was very professional, very knowledgeable and provided excellent service!! Chris made what could have been a very confusing, complicated, intimidating process very simple and easy to understand. I have never worked with a real estate agent that was so available and responsive!! I honestly couldn’t believe how quickly he responded to all my questions and requests for updates to my listing! Listing with Simple Choice was worth every penny!!!

Miriam Dynan from Hatfield, PA

We recently sold our home by Owner with Simple Choice Realty. We were extremely happy with the service and results. We had our home under agreement two weeks after posting it online. We are thrilled with the money we saved by avoiding a traditional real estate agent that would require 2.5% to 3%. We got great exposure to potential buyers and saved thousands! Chris Carr was also great to work with. I highly recommend using Simple Choice Realty to anyone looking to sell!

Sean Flueso from Schnecksville, PA

Very well satisfied with Chris Carr’s help with my listing- always responds promptly and gets it done right. has saved me broker fee’s and the listing on the website has been great. just signed up for 6 more months- praying for a sale, but happy to use Chris.

Jane Heller from York, PA

I sold my house by Owner using Simple Choice Realty. That was the most Excellent service I ever had, Chris Carr helped me with everything , much better that any Real Estate office. Every Questions I had (and I had a lot) Chris Carr answered me as fast as 5 minutes, by calling or emailing, even when he had a Family emergency situation. I will use Simple Choice Realty service again to sell house by Owner. Thank you Chis Carr for you help and being such nice, nice person.

Valentina Slavutsky from Easton PA

Used the flat-fee MLS service with Simple Choice, working with Chris Carr on getting the listing posted, and keeping it updated throughout the time I was selling my home. Chris was fantastic – responded quickly and professionally, and ensured that updates were posted promptly. Since I was selling the house on my own, I had to manage the listing, and Chris provided valuable insight along the way. The house sold, I saved a bundle of money, and Simple Choice helped me to be successful in that endeavor. Would recommend them highly, regardless of whether you are listing yourself, or you are looking for a partner to help you sell.

Patricia R. from Yardley, PA

Our experiences with real estate brokers in the past were mostly bad. So we decided to give Simple Choice a try. We’re glad we did. Chris Carr has been a delight to work with. He responds quickly to phone calls and e-mails, and is always extremely helpful and patient. Thank you Chris!

Elizabeth McDonald from Allentown, PA

Chris did an excellent job as our contact person with Simple Choice Realty.He always returned phone calls promptly (usually within a few hours!!!). He always made changes to the website about our home almost immediately. We couldnt’ have been better satisfied with the excellent job Chris did. He saved us a ton of money. Thanks, Chris, for a job well done. Fred & Nancy

Fred & Nancy Robertson from Saylorsburg, PA

Chris was an incredible asset to us in selling our home. Our first ” full service/ traditional realtor” was impossible to reach . (Was more interested in getting his name in front of our house than in getting buyers inside) We knew we could do a MUCH better job, and with Cris and Simple Choice we wer able to do just that. We had a signed sales agreement after our first open house.

David & Maureen F. from Mohnton, PA

I worked with Chris and Simple Choice to sell my home in Tripoli in 2011. I had first contracted with a local realtor for 6 months and my house did not sell. It was not until working with Chris and selling “By Owner” that I was able to sell my house. Only those familiar with the situation of needing to sell a house that is not selling know the stress that comes with it. In every one of my multiple direct contacts through phone and email, Chris was nothing but knowledgable, helpful and prompt–eezing my stress. It’s pleasing to now be able to have a forum to share my experience to help others make informed decisions. While results and a positive experience are important in dealing with any transaction, it also needs to be said that listing my house with Chris and Simple Choice ultimately saved me close to $6,000. Thank you, Chris.-Dan W.Kutztown, Pa

Dan W. from Kutztown

We highly recommend flat fee listing, and Chris was a major asset in the process. We got an offer on our house in 3 weeks, selling exactly when we wanted to. We paid no selling realtor fees except for the initial flat fee listing price a small fee for a yard sign, and some closing assistance fees (minimal). Chris was our local agent that helped us with questions, and he was not only timely in his responses but informative and helpful.

Shanta from Havertown PA

Chris and Robin at Simple Choice were really great as we had several questions and they were always ready to help. Robin was our main contact and she was fabulous! While there is a fair amount of information needed, the site is easy to use. We had A LOT of action because of the MLS listing, especially since we were paying the Buyers Agent a 3% fee.They had nothing to lose!If ever we sell again, DEFINITELY will go through Simple Choice!!

Charlie Jarema from North Strabane

Our moving from “For Sale by Owner” to getting an “MLS”(Multiple Listing Service) number under Simple Choice (paying only a small fee), was the best choice we made—everyone should know about and buy this service! Most people don’t realize getting on the MLS is critical for those trying to sell their own home, because adequate internet exposure to buyers (and agents) is critical in this day and age. We chose the option with more property pictures, and it was the superior choice: We increased our showings by 75%, due to the MLS advertising and the comfort level of realtors to show our house. My anxiety also went down with both the results and website support, which was absolutely worth it! We hit near exact asking price within 1.5 weeks and are selling to someone we are honored to sell our home to. Many thanks to Simple Choice for their great idea and for their great customer service!

Jenna Williams from Pittsburgh

i have used Simple Choice for the sale of two condos: 220 locust st, 25D and 3C in Philadelphia. If you have a decent knowledge of real estate this is the best and most cost effective way to go. Simple Choice team was very professional, attentive and helpful. I will use them again!

Joseph Verdejo from Philadelphia

First time trying to sell a home myself. Started with Craigslist and my own sign to which I got very little response. Then I tried Simple Choice. Takes a little time to enter all the MLS data but Chris and his team were very helpful and responsive at every step. Started getting a lot of action and quickly sold my home. Simple Choice was great and saved me 3% less about $500 in various fees (MLS, comps, etc). Way to go Simple Choice!

Kevin from Pittsburgh

Great experience. No complaints. Would list with you again and recommend you to friends.

Don from Media

Chris is exceptional and goes out of his way to be helpful! He responds very quickly to any questions and concerns and I’m amazed that he answers all his own calls. It was the most pleasant experience. I have sold homes myself and through a realtor but this has been by far the best experience and will use Simple Choice Realty again if I move anymore!! Thank you for your patience and guidance Chris!

Rebecca Johnson from Gibsonia

All around great experience! All questions answered and help was provided throughout the sales process. Would highly recommend!

Brandon Smith from Skippack

I must correct a wrong on my part. If you see/saw a negative review by me regarding communication with Simple Choice Realty—-Please disregard it. It was totally the fact that I didn’t follow the really simple instructions provided by Chris Carr’s organization. I take 100% responsibility. First, I do not know Chris Carr and I am not be compensated in ANY way to follow up. Simple Choice contacted me and provided additional information which explained why my listing was not ready to view, simply put, I am embarrassed. Simple Choice Realty gets 6 stars – okay so I can only give them their allotted 5. They have make this process soooo easy with more than adequate support. Again, if my previous review is still shown, disregard it.

Lois Brothers from Garnet Valley, Pa

Working with Chris has been a great experience! Simple Choice Realty is my go to website now. Great guy would recommend this to anyone!

Ilir from Berwyn

I was hesitant to sell with a flat fee broker, but after doing quite a bit of research in my local area, I came across Chris Carr’s info. I called another person who had just sold with Chris and that helped me to make the final choice to list. The website is very easy to use and Chris always had time to answer my questions and make sure my listing was updated. It was wonderful to be able to add the option of having his help to find reasonable comps from my area, review the contract, and get suggestions for negotiating the finer details. I chose to offer a buyer’s agent 2.5%, used professional pictures, hosted my own open houses, and had a few offers to choose from and a contract in less than 2 weeks. Listing with a flat fee broker did not keep interested buyers from coming to see the property. Thanks for all of the help!

Lynn from Mechanicsburg

We closed on the sale of our home yesterday. We purchased a package on and Simple Choice was assigned to place our home on the MLS. They also managed the documents required. Their website is very user friendly. Whenever I had a question Chris was readily available and very helpful. I highly recommend fsbo and Simple Choice to help you sell your home!

Ginny from Wilmington, DE

Having known Chris and Brian for years, they were our first choice to sell our home and get into a new place. I’ve never sold a property before, Chris and his team made it easy. Their recommendations were spot on. We couldn’t have sold our house so quickly with anyone else. Working with Brain on purchasing our new home, he guided us every step of the way. From the moment we started looking till after closing, Brian went above and beyond to keep us informed and help us get the property we dreamed of. Through nights/weekends/holidays and train rides, Brian kept everything on point. Simple Choice is the way to go for selling and/or buying a home. The guys made it seem easy, despite all the chaos and moving parts. Thank you again!

Marco from Feasterville, PA

As a first time home seller I would never have been able to do it myself without the help of the professionals at Simple Choice. They were always there to assist in any way. The phones or emails were always promptly answered unlike the other agents I checked out.They were there to help not just to collect their low fees.The thousands of dollars we saved made it possible for my wife and I to enjoy our new home with much more peace of mind. Thanks to all of You.

Richard from Loysville, PA

I was pleased with working with Chris. Very responsive to my questions. I would recommend working with Chris.

Chris from Oakdale

We worked with Brian on buying our new home. Brian was very professional and a great communicator throughout the entire process. We knew that the home that we wanted was going to sell fast and Brian was in touch with the selling agent through every step of the way to ensure that we got the property. He was always available to talk when we needed him and he answered every question that we had. We would definitely recommend Brian and Simple Choice Realty to our friends and family. They are definitely realtors you can trust and ones who will work extra hard for you to get the deal done. Thanks for everything Brian!

Drew from King or Prussia

We worked with Chris on the sale of our home through a flat fee listing but were still able to benefit from being shown on all of the major residential for sale search engines.Chris is very professional and a great communicator in laying out for you what has to be done as a flat fee seller.This is our 3rd time selling using this approach and each time we reached as many would be buyers as we would have under a traditional 3% listing agreementWe would have no hesitation recommending Chris.

Steve from W Norriton

I cannot express how easy it is to work with Chris and his team at Simple Choice. Selling a home by way of fixed priced brokerage saves so much money and feed back from the buyers doesn’t get filtered through a selling reator. I just sold my 4th house using Chris’s services and the buyer’s agent expressed his dismay at the fact that I used a flat fee broker (not Simple Choice in particular). This realtor tried to tell me that the process is too complicated to use a flat fee broker. I think the standard brokerage houses are afraid that the word will get out that the hard work is on the buyer’s end of the process, not the seller’s end, although anytime I needed help Chris responded immediately. I appreciate and recommend Simple Choice to anyone thinking about selling a house on their own. Thanks Chris!

Angie from Kimberton

We had a very good experience with Simple Choice Realty and are happy to tell others! Any questions we had were promptly answered and the email communication was great! If you are considering choosing Simple Choice Realty… Don’t Hesitate!

Scott & Darlene from Bridgeville,PA 15017

We were very happy with our experience selling with Simple Choice. Our house sold in 2 weeks for asking price and we saved $7,500. Local realtors didn’t think we’d get that price without using their services. Almost all the paperwork was done through the buyers agent and closing company – easy enough for us to arrange for any tests that had to be done prior to closing (dye, radon, etc). Chris was great to work with – very responsive and helpful.

Emily from Gibsonia

Great way to sell you’re home. I was impressed with the prompt, outstanding support offered thru the whole process. This is a great tool to anyone interested in selling there home.I saved over 5,000.00 dollars in realtors fees.

Ron Z from New Providence

So far working with Chris @Simple Choice has been a great experience. He seems to get requests done quickly with great knowledge. Our home is still for sale but I feel confident It will sell this spring. Thank you! for all your help!.

Donna Daniell from York Pa

I was very impressed with the service we received from Simple Choice Realty (and I’m not easily impressed!). The document setup was streamlined and easy to complete. Chris was on top of everything any time someone accidentally reached out to him instead of us. We were under contract in about a month, and saved thousands. Highly recommend, and would definitely use this service again!

Talia from Lansdale

Great experience sold our house in 9 days, easy process and saved money. I recommend this process to anyone selling a home.

Stacey from Pittsburgh

I was thrilled with the service I received through Simple Choice Realty. Chris and his colleagues made the process of listing on the MLS very simple. I saved thousands of dollars going this route and would recommend that anyone looking to sell their home use this service.Thank you!

Michele Grasso from Macungie

Our experience with Simple Choice Realty in selling our home was great! House was under contract in less than two weeks. Chris Carr was quite helpful in answering our questions on phone and by e-mail. Simple Choice web site is quite user friendly. I strongly recommend this flat fee agency to any one who is willing to sell house “By Owner” with full MLS support.

Mahesh from Bethlehem

WOW what a great service. I sold my house in less than a month. Chris was very helpful, and the service saved me over $20,000k. Thanks

Elliott Kayne from Milford

Simple Choice Realty was awesome!!! This company went above and beyond my expectations. Chris was very professional, very prompt and over all I had a great experience to work with them. They listed the property promptly. After it was listed, I had the ability to go in and make changes on my own as needed. I loved that I could complete and sign disclosure/ paperwork online. FSBO may not be for everyone as it does take homework and work. My best advice on selling fast is to hire an appraiser for their opinion on the price of the property and ask while they are there on things to do to improve the place, (had 3 realtors look and they over priced it big time as I think to try to get our business), offer the buyer’s agent no less than 3%, take great pictures and DEFINITELY list using Simple Choice Realty.

Thompson from New Castle, Pa

It is a wonderful experience working with Chris Carr. He is always available and has provided us with excellent service. I will recommend Simple Choice to anyone I know who is selling their house.

Melody Sebeck from New Freedom

Working with Simple Choice Realty was a great experience. The best part about it was working with Chris Carr. He was easily available for any questions I had. That made the process smooth and helped to allay much of the anxiety. I would recommend selling a house through Simple Choice.

Joy hockman from Philadelphia

After listing our house with a Realtor who only wanted the commission without doing any work, we listed our house via Simple Choice Realty. It was a great experience! At the end, I felt like I was better informed and more professional than the buyer’s agent! I will NEVER use a listing agent again to sell a house.

Becka from Easton

Thanks to everyone at Simple Choice for an amazing experience! The house sold in 3 days for full asking price. I purchased the extra consultation time which I would highly recommend. Chris helped me review the details of multiple offers and gave helpful tips to get top dollar and the most qualified buyers. I would recommend Simple Choice to anyone!

Chris from Orefield

I found this service when I googled Flat Fee Listings in my city and feel as though I lucked out. Chris Carr was excellent to work with. He responded to my emails and phone calls immediately and always had the answer. My house was off the market in one day. I knew it would sell, I just needed it on the MLS. I plan to use this service again when the situation arises! This was an efficient and affordable alternative to the outrageous commission that realtors charge. Thank you! Keep up the great work.

Brenda from Pittsburgh

Chris was great. Very knowlegable and professional. Gave very good feedback & insight. Our house took longer then I expected to sell but I would still recommend Simple Choice.

Kevin from Oaks

Very simple process. Prompt service and responses to questions and changes/ updates etc. Definitely the way to go when selling your home. Thanks Chris

Bryan from Lancaster, Pa

Chris was fantastic! He’s knowledgeable, patient, responsive and has been a great help in getting my house sold and closed in 4 weeks total.You can’t go wrong with his service.

Dorothy from Dingmans Ferry

We used Simple Choice to list our home on the MLS and the support we received from Chris was outstanding ! We honestly could not have done it without his help. Anytime we had questions he was there with an answer. We would recommend Simple Choice to anyone who wants to keep more of their money. We would definitely use Chris and Simple Choice again. Just can’t say enough about the support we received !!!

Carl Kraus from Pittsburgh, Pa

All I wanted was to get my listing on the MLS and this is the most cost effective way to do it. Chris was great to work with. My house sold in 2 days! I knew it would sell itself and just needed the advertising. Chris saved me THOUSANDS of dollars in commission fees. I will definitely use this service again.

Lazaros from Philadelphia

Although sites like Zillow were good in attracting lots interest, I was only able to find a qualified buyer only after listing on the MLS though simple choice. The house was listed towards the end of the week and by Sunday I had 3 showings and 2 solid offers! …also saved many thousands in commission!

Andy from Lower Macungie

The service, price and ease of getting started is the perfect combination for any seller that has the time to field a few calls from buyers agents and has a basic understanding of the process. Chris provides a personalized level of service when needed and gives you all of the tools to get your house sold quickly without unnecessary cost. I highly recommend the service to anyone!

Scott from Paoli

It may have just been dumb luck but our house sold immediately to people who we really like at pretty much our asking price. And we saved a bundle. That small initial investment was well worth it. Surprisingly smooth experience. Thanks for the help and responsiveness.

Bert from Philadelphia